Helping you achieve outstanding results in customer experience and operational efficiency through innovation and partnership.

Our central analysis and insight team has a mission to work both internally with our business and externally with our clients to help drive better business outcomes.

This team applies skills and experience in business and consumer understanding, with data handling, analysis and data visualisation to deliver insights and recommendations that help improve customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.

Adapting to a rapidly changing environment

In today’s always-on, hyper-connected environment, where consumer expectations are being raised on an almost daily basis, it is incredibly difficult to baseline what ‘good’ looks like, because it changes so fast.

In industries where consumers have the option to choose, customer experience is now critical – it can literally be the difference between success and failure. Where competition is limited, this has less impact, and operational excellence is of much greater importance to success.

Our team have years of experience delivering success across these areas and we continue to invest in those people, and provide them with the tools and processes to continue to deliver outstanding results for us and you; our partners.

How we do it

With the depth of experience we have, our team are expert at identifying and fixing broken processes, the causes of service failures and other areas of sub-optimal performance.

Doing the right things

Where desired outcomes are clear but the path is unclear, our team help formulate the right questions and then proceed to solve them. This includes utilising tools such as journey mapping, process mapping and consumer behaviour insights.

Focus on targets

We design and deliver programmes targeting specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) improvement. This means first understanding the factors affecting them, then recommending actions to improve metrics can include; Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort, First Contact Resolution (FCR), Cost to Serve and Contact per Order rates.

Effective change/transformation

When change is required that falls outside business as usual our team help drive and support change in areas such as:

  • Customer experience improvement
  • Service design
  • Digital channel implementation and improvement
  • Self-serve initiatives
  • New business/service models
  • Technology change
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