Our heritage as one of the leading customer service providers in the NW, operating across the public and private sectors, positions us perfectly to share our experiences and our skills with you. If it’s a compliance problem, we can help.

In today’s climate of escalating regulatory controls in data protection and payments compliance, our Audit, Risk and Compliance Team, (ARC) have excelled at enabling TCC to reduce our risk as well as reducing the costs of us managing risk.

ARC’s aim is to ensure that our organisation understands all the risk we face. ARC’s objective is to ensure that our clients meet their ongoing data protection and payments compliance obligations throughout all the customer service solutions that we provide.

Our new ‘Compliance as a Service’ offering brings ARC’s expertise directly to your organisation, allowing you to benefit from their extensive hands on experience in resolving personal data and payments compliance challenges faced by our extensive range of clients over the last two years.

How do we do this?

Through a simple engagement model that helps your organisation LOCATE exactly where they are on your compliance journey, to identify your possibilities, your dependencies and your requirements, isolating the tasks and prioritise your resources. PREPARE the business case, so you know what you are about to implement will deliver cost benefits. PROVISION a Proof of Concept, evaluate and remediate and support the roll out to then MANAGE to Business As Usual.

What are the benefits?

You get the benefit of us delivering what we do well, for you, on your premises, under your control, so that you can deliver part of your ongoing corporate governance at less cost and less risk, freeing up your valuable resources to focus on your core activities.

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