6 Reasons you Should Consider Outsourcing your Customer Service

Skilled Expertise

A professional customer contact provider will already have the skills, expertise and technology in place, in-house, to be able to meet the requirements of both your brand and your customer. This allows for greater emphasis on the customer experience; you’ll be tapping in to an existing and well-established knowledge base.

This is especially pertinent now that the General Data Protection Regulation is in place. Look for a customer contact provider who can accommodate your requirements with existing, internal knowledge and expertise.

Cut Costs

Organisations with an in-house customer contact function often experience higher costs. With a dedicated contact centre looking after your customers, there’s no need to splurge out on advanced I.T. and telephony infrastructures- your fixed costs will be converted in to variable costs.

Allow Focus Time

Outsourcing your customer contact function will free-up management time and enable you to focus on the core responsibilities of your organisation, such as Sales and Marketing.

Increased Quality and Efficiency

Dealing with peak volumes and difficult shift patterns, in order to meet customers’ requirements, is something that dedicated contact centres are extremely familiar with, having perfected the ability to ramp-up or ramp-down depending on your requirements. Your customer service provider will also be able to work with you to improve the customer experience, by providing a high standard of training and quality coaching to all employees working with your customers.

M.I. and Customer Behaviour Insights

Dedicated contact centres are able to spend more time and resource on relevant IT and management insights. Your dedicated customer service provider will be able to work with you, allowing you to improve both your customer service strategy, as well as influencing Sales/Marketing strategies by providing customer feedback.

Higher Revenue

Dedicated customer service providers are able to support you in generating revenue, by improving metrics such as average handling time (AHT), first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction. Customer service providers are also able to support promotions and offers by working these in to their interactions, in a human and non-scripted way.